Genuine Gemstone Bracelets
Genuine Gemstone Bracelets

Genuine Gemstone Bracelets

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Wear Genuine gemstone bead bracelets

Gemstones are said to impart specific energies charged with positive attributes to help you maintain a state of balance.  

These beads are strung on adjustable elastic and are perfect to stack, wear alone or combined with bracelets of all kinds.

Or share the energy when you give them as gifts.

For greater impact pair with your favorite mala necklace.

Choose from the following gemstones: 

Amazonite: Wear this lovely blue green stone to calm and soothe during times of stress. Named after South America’s famous river, it will help you flow with what is so you can stay balanced and at ease.

Amethyst: Choose amethyst for stress relief and to restore balance, improve clarity of thought and promote clear communication.  Associated with the third eye and crown chakras it can facilitate pathways to enlightenment and higher consciousness.

Chakra Stone: Wear a chakra stone bracelet (one stone for each chakra) to help balance your energy centers and keep you calm and aware.

Dalmatian Stone: When you want more playfulness and joy in your life, Dalmatian stone can help.  It also provides protection against negativity, including negative people.

Fluorite: Fluorite helps with focus and concentration while it neutralizes stress and negativity.

Indian Agate: Invite more peace and tranquility into your life when you wear Indian Agate.  It also helps release negative emotions and encourages creative expression.

Labradorite: Labradorite helps reduce stress during times of change and transformation.  It helps strengthen your faith and helps you release the fears that come with difficult times.

Picture Jasper: Wear picture jasper when you feel the need for calm and grounding.  It promotes feelings of harmony and helps bolster your immune system while encouraging your body to release toxins.

Pink Aventurine: Pink aventurine enhances creativity and brings a smile to your lips.  Associated with the heart chakra it helps increase feelings of compassion and banish worry and anxiety.

Rhodonite: Rhodonite helps open your heart while grounding and balancing your energy.  Associated with the heart chakra it also uplifts you with physical and emotional healing.

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz brings healing energy to your heart and circulatory system.  It also helps heal relationships with yourself and others while it calms and comforts during difficult times.

Snowflake Obsidian: Snowflake obsidian is a balancing tool. Wear it to help release old, stressful thought patterns and make way for alternatives that harmonize and support.

Sodalite: Choose sodalite to help you align your thoughts and emotions so you can think and speak clearly and authentically. 

White Howlite: Howlite brings calm to Vata imbalanced folks who suffer from insomnia. It also helps pacify feelings of anger and encourages healthy expression of emotions.

Bead size:  8 mm