The Forgotten Art of Love by Armin Zadeh

The Forgotten Art of Love by Armin Zadeh

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Explore the many facets of love

The Forgotten Art of Love examines love in its complex entirety—through the lenses of biology, philosophy, history, religion, sociology, and economics. 

Join cardiologist and professor Armin Zadeh as he revisits psychologist Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving (a book that has fascinated him for decades) to fill in critical voids in this classic work and  provide a contemporary understanding of love.

This unique and wide-ranging book looks at love’s crucial role in every aspect of human existence and explores:

  • Its relationship to sex, spirituality, society, and the meaning of life
  • Different kinds of love (for our children, for our neighbors)
  • Whether love is a matter of luck or an art that can be mastered

Dr. Zadeh provides a fascinating, empowering guide to enhancing relationships and happiness—concluding with a provocative vision for firmly anchoring love in our society.