About Us

Welcome to Just Heavenly Shop’Café an Intriguing Lifestyle Boutique! 

Life may feel especially stressful right now. 

The COVID pandemic, isolation, job burnout, economic insecurity and frequent extreme weather events challenge us all.

As you envision an uncertain future, you tell yourself there must be a better way. But you wonder what it could be.

The good news is, while uncertainty is stressful, chaos and change can open the door to new and unexpected ways to meet life challenges.

And Just Heavenly Shop’Café Can Help

Our lifestyle boutique is an experiential place.  It will inspire you with ideas that help you reevaluate your life, release what isn’t working, and free you to try new things.

You will find intriguing products to support a healthy, stress-free lifestyle, jewelry, clothing and accessories that bring you joy, and enlightening gift items for everyone you know. 

Visit us in person, browse our online store and read our blog posts about alternative ways to manage stress and live a healthier more fulfilled life, even during extremely challenging times.