Koi are vulnerable but strong, and Japanese and Chinese folklore respect them for their perseverance and courage.
Seahorses are not good swimmers and can die of exhaustion. To prevent being washed away they anchor themselves to coral or sea grass with their tails. The Seahorse innerSpirit Rattle is a symbol of determination.
Inspired by Van Gogh’s paintings, the Starry Night innerSpirit Rattle encourages inner creativity.
Starting life as a tadpole, the frog gradually transforms into a two-legged creature, finally emerging as a four-legged adult. It is these gradual changes that make it a folklore symbol of transformation, and new beginnings.

Raku Inner Spirit Rattles

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Honor the beauty of imperfect things

16th century Japanese tea masters created Raku pottery “to honor the unassuming beauty of imperfect things.” 

Today, Texas ceramic artist John Davis creates Raku rattles to resemble Native American artifacts found in Indian campgrounds in the Chihuahuan Desert near his home.

Native Americans blessed their crops with rattles. 

Use yours to bless projects of all kinds, to bring rain in or out of your life and to rattle away worries during stressful times. Or use them to accompany musical events and singalongs.

The movement, sound and rhythm of innerSpirit rattles will uplift your mood and put a smile on your face. Relax and enjoy.

Rattles are also a decorative touch for your home or office a beautiful reminder to stay focused and mindful. 

Raku Art

Raku pottery is fired in a closed container filled with combustible materials causing a beautiful chemical reaction. As the flames search for oxygen, the reduction of air creates unpredictable, one-of-a-kind, asymmetrical colorings. Iridescent swirls of red, blue, and ochre mingled with gossamer copper and gold are frozen in place with a quick spray of cold water.