Enjoy Deep Restful Sleep with Shankara Calming Body Oil

By Susan White


If it's tough to get a good night's sleep, ultra-nourishing Calming Body

Oil from Shankara can help you relax and enjoy deep, restful
woman in white waking up looking refreshed
slumber...something we all need, especially now.


Filled with essential oils to help soothe emotions and relax your body, Calming Body Oil delivers the benefits of rich nutrients, antioxidants, and moisturizers.

And at the end of a long day be sure to try this: Add a couple of tablespoons of Calming Body Oil to your warm bath water (or better yet, massage it into your whole body). Do this at the end of your day to help you relax and let go of the tension. Turn on relaxing music, do some gentle stretching and enjoy a nice soak.

No time for a bath? 

Try putting down your phone, closing your tablet, avoiding the news, and simply noticing your breath as your body begins to register the complex blend of essential oils Calming Body Oil delivers to your system.

You may also massage your feet with Calming Body Oil right before bed.

Massage the top, bottom, sides and tip of each toe, attending to the space in between each one of your little piggies. They may have gone to market, but now they are home and deserve this precious attention. Massaging the feet is deeply relaxing and grounding.

Then get into bed and let Calming Body Oil  transport you into a deep, restful sleep. Sweet Dreams and many ZZZZZZZ's.